We often complain among ourselves that no one wants to study the Bible these days. We spend our time and money traveling to foreign countries to evangelize the lost because those “fields are white for harvest” (John 4:35) How many times have you had sincerely religious people knock on your door desiring to study the Bible with you? I have lost count and up until recently politely declined their invitations assuming it would be a waste of time because they are so indoctrinated in their beliefs. That unscriptural attitude changed two months ago when they again came knocking. I had an epiphany as I opened my front door. Who am I to assume that God’s Word (Hebrews 4:12) is incapable of reaching the heart of anyone? How would I answer God on Judgment Day when He reminds me of the many times I prayed for opportunities to teach the lost, then asks me why I turned away those who repeatedly came to my door desiring to study the Bible? In addition to a negative attitude about them, our lack of knowledge and confidence about where to start the study may also be holding us back (1 Peter 3:15)

After a few minutes of friendly conversation the Jehovah’s
Witness (JW) asked me if I would be interested in studying the Bible with him and I immediately answered “Yes I would!” He seemed somewhat surprised as we set up a time for him to return. He asked me to be thinking about what subjects I would like to study. In the days ahead I researched the history and doctrine of the JW and thought about topics to begin our study. I settled on “The Person of Jesus as God the Son and Savior” using Luke 19:10 as the foundational verse for our study.

Our first 2-hour meeting was spent getting to know each other and providing background information on ourselves and our religious beliefs. This was not anticipated, but proved very helpful in setting the tone for future studies.


Early in our study I decided to use the JW New World Translation (NWT) Bible in order to avoid the constant “my translation vs. your translation” argument that would inhibit our study. Although use of this inaccurate translation made it more difficult to substantiate my beliefs, it was not impossible. When fallible people attempt to change God’s inspired Word to support their doctrine they often overlook contradictory passages. I downloaded the JW app to my I phone which includes the NWT.

Below are the results of my research that served as the basis for my Biblical discussions with the JW. It is my hope and prayer that this information will prove beneficial and encourages you to take advantage of the next opportunity to study God’s Word with those who come knocking at your door.


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