Jim Whitmire BufordI was born and raised in Ohio where my parents were members of a denominational church. While in college, I drifted away from religion altogether and into the world where I comfortably remained for ten years, until moving to Atlanta, Georgia. It was there that I met my wife, Rosalinda, who was a member of the Lord's church. Through her example, and the diligent efforts of other Christians at the Forest Park church of Christ, I was converted in 1978. That event marked the beginning of a journey that led me to the writing of this book. After ten years of spiritual growth, I was appointed a deacon. One of my primary responsibilities was managing the production of Bible correspondence material for lost souls in the Pacific Islands. After serving as a deacon for ten years, I became an elder, and served eight years before retiring from my secular job and moving to west Georgia.

As an elder, God blessed me with the opportunity to oversee our youth and Bible School programs, Local Outreach, and Member Involvement. Part of my responsibilities included restructuring all four programs to improve their effectiveness. As a deacon and elder, I have worked with four pulpit preachers and several associate ministers.As an elder, I participated in the oversight of four missionary families working in the Pacific Islands. Over the years, God has provided amazing opportunities for me to travel overseas on eleven mission trips to various islands in the Pacific and Nicaragua and Lord willing, He Will open the door for many more.

As I approached my retirement, the possibility of writing this book was on my mind. I had organized all the material I had accumulated over the years into folders and filed them neatly into plastic bins that were stacked against the wall of my home office. There they sat month after month, because I did not have enough confidence to start the process.While there seemed to be a need for a book on the practical aspects of leading a congregation of the Lord's church, the thought of me writing an entire book was just ovenvhelming. Articles on a single subject were one thing, but a book?

My family encouraged me to overcome my fears and begin the process. My son-in-law, Kyle, was especially helpful in suggesting that since I had written numerous articles on various subjects concerning the church; why not view each chapter as just another article. With this thought in mind, I began Chapter One and the rest is "history" , as they say.


Jim is an instructor with Georgia School of Preaching and Biblical Studies currently teaching course: "Leadership in the local church "?

This book is a tremendously practical book on the responsibilities and functions of elders.

There is a shortage of qualified elders who are fully accomplishing their work in congregations. This book, if used, will go a long way to fixing that problem.
--Aaron Cozart - Minister. Gospel Broadcasting Network

Local Church Leadership Class

Preparing men to become leaders, especially elders is important for the growth and future of the church.
Jim Whitmire's class on Local Church Leadership can be a practical way to begin that training or to enhance the training you may already be doing.
-Lyle Owens, elder Buford Church of Christ

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